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Osonó is raising funds for a van

The 3rd of February the  theatre company started a fundraising campaign, since their old van with which they got to 74 thousand people in 200 settlements of 22 countries on 2 continents in the last 8 years, became unusable. The company could continue their regular work with a newer van, which costs 10 thousand euros. For the raising of this amount Osonó is asking for support in a video. All of those who would like to support the Theatre Workshop in this initiative can choose from the below options to send donations:

•  Bank transfer to a Romanian bank account:


(RON): RO43OTPV300000397154RO02 (OTP Bank)


•  Bank transfer to a Hungarian bank account:


HUF): 12100011-17866345 (Gránit Bank)

From abroad: HU40121000111786634500000000


• REVOLUT: +36 20 273 6014



The birthday fundraising video can be viewed here:

Osonó Theatre celebrates its 28th birthday

Osonó Theatre celebrates its 28th birthday in Budapest by holding workshops and organising a reunion for former and present members who live in the capital. Since its foundation on February the 3rd 1993, the company have had 180 members and throughout the years a total of 22 performances were presented, of which 6 were co-produced with theatres from Thailand, Morocco, Budapest, Italy and Sfântu Gheorghe. In the present situation caused by the epidemic, instead of the premiers planned for the last year, the company produced two films. Beyond the theatre performances, the self-sufficient theatre company has organised over a thousand education and social projects for youngsters and adults as well. During these 28 years a total of 1,443 performances were held by the company, of which 1,100 in the last ten years, as an independent theatre in 320 settlements of 28 countries of 3 continents. Osonó Theatre’s projects and performances have been acknowledged until now with 53 national and international awards.

Osonó Year Evaluation - 2020 in numbers

In 2020, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the company’s activity was limited to five months and two countries, projects in Hungary and Romania. In spite of the long pauses, the self-sufficient company of Osonó Theatre carried out 124 cultural, educational, and social events for almost two and a half thousand participants, and managed 43,200 Euros. More than the half of this amount originated from Hungarian, almost 30 percent from Romanian, and 10 percent from international funding. The company’s own income deriving from performances and trainings represented 6 percent of the annual budget.

The past year revolved around trainings, since the company has provided opportunity for the training of youngsters and adults through 92 workshops and 2 drama camps. In addition, Osonó held 14 performances, in each case followed by an interactive audience meeting. In response to the new challenges posed by the epidemic, the team made two films on behalf of the House of Hungarians: the television-theatre version of László István’s one-act drama “Lépjen kérem!” (Please make a step.), and an experimental poem-film composed of the texts of poet József Attila, titled “Nem  vagyok, csak mások látnak” (I don’t exist, only others see me). Both works were directed by Fazakas Misi, the technical director was Mucha Oszkár.

Osonó Theatre closes its long-term talent programmes with professional camps

As a Registered and also European Talent Point, in the last few months Osonó Theatre has carried out two complex artistic projects, providing long-term trainings for talent development with the support of the National Talent Programme. In order to summarise all that has been learnt, the company is organising two professional camps between the 8-12 of November for the youngsters who had participated, and also for the students of the drama course of the Plugor Sándor Secondary School of Arts of Sfântu Gheorghe.