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The long term social-educational project of Osonó Theatre and Caritas ended with a camp

The project of the Alba Iulia Caritas titled “Compass into the world of work” was launched in 2019, and it focuses on the mentorship of youngsters with fewer opportunities. The four-year long programme is supported by the EEA and Norwegian Grants and Renovabis aims at reducing early school-leave and the emigration of youngsters, and also at their support to find employment on the labour market in the settlements of the counties of Mureș and Harghita.

The project invited Osonó Theatre  ̶  qualified as a Registered Talent Point and a European Talent Point  ̶  as a partner with great experience to carry out the professional programmes. In the recent period two members of the company, Fazakas Misi and Mucha Oszkár held workshops in theatre education, self-awareness, personality improvement, communication, competence-enforcement and team building for the students of the Bányai János Technical Vocational School and the Eötvös József Vocational School of Odorheiu Secuiesc, the Fogarasy Mihály Technical Secondary School of Gheorgheni, the Puskás Tivadar  Vocational School of Ditrău, and the Avram Iancu Vocational School of Târgu Mureș.

This work phase ended between 19-22 of April with the camp held at Sovata, where Osonó worked with 23 youngsters. The training and the workshops provided an opportunity for the youngsters to find answers and most of all tools for the challenges of life, and to receive an impulse towards a more conscious way of life. The intense and profound work turned out to be effective and this has been confirmed by the following feedbacks from the youngsters:

“This camp helped a lot for me to arrange things inside myself.” (Botond)

“After the workshops I realised what and how do I have to change in my life.” (Katalin)

“I really enjoyed the workshops, and I am thankful to you for opening a new way for me.” (Nándor)

“I had a great time, thank you for making it possible for me to be a part of the team for almost two years now, where I could recognise my own diversity. Every minute of the workshops with Osonó gave an amazing experience for me.” (Boglárka)

Osonó Theatre closed their long-term talent programmes with vocational camps

Osonó Theatre, as a Registered and European Talent Point, carried out two complex talent development projects providing art and long-term trainings recently. For the sake of profound work, in the month of March, the theatre company organised two vocational camps for the youngsters participating in the training and for the students of the drama faculty at the Plugor Sándor Art Secondary School of Sfântu Gheorghe. During the workshops, the participating youngsters could unfold their talent through visual education, film training, speech development and improvisational exercises.

Osonó Theatre’s professional seminar for youth workers

A seminar on youth work will take place in Budapest between March 4 and 9,  with the participation of teachers and youth workers from Vojvodina and Hungary and organised by Osonó Theatre. The project focuses on “Arts in the education of marginalised youngsters”, it is carried out in partnership with the Vojvodina Hungarian Cultural Association and is co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ Programme.

The primary goal of the project is the professional and personal development of the participating youth workers. During the six-day-long workshop series, participants can gain professional inspiration, motivation and learn state of the art methods that will advance the quality of their future work. The seminar explores the potential of the non-formal education of marginalised youngsters through the arts, sharing experiences, well-tried methodologies  and good practices. The workshops will be led by Fazakas Misi, leader and trainer of the theatre company, and Mucha Oszkár, actor and trainer of Osonó, and as special invitee, Szegedi Tamás, member of Independent Theater Hungary will also lead a workshop for the group.

Osonó is raising funds for a van

The 3rd of February the  theatre company started a fundraising campaign, since their old van with which they got to 74 thousand people in 200 settlements of 22 countries on 2 continents in the last 8 years, became unusable. The company could continue their regular work with a newer van, which costs 10 thousand euros. For the raising of this amount Osonó is asking for support in a video. All of those who would like to support the Theatre Workshop in this initiative can choose from the below options to send donations:

•  Bank transfer to a Romanian bank account:


(RON): RO43OTPV300000397154RO02 (OTP Bank)


•  Bank transfer to a Hungarian bank account:


HUF): 12100011-17866345 (Gránit Bank)

From abroad: HU40121000111786634500000000


• REVOLUT: +36 20 273 6014



The birthday fundraising video can be viewed here: